Restaurant week: Pescarne


Last restaurant for restaurant week and I hope I’m ending it on a good note. Things picked up again at Oyo restaurant and cocktail bar, with a good lunch. I hope my luck continues especially after the disappointing Tuesday and Wednesday.

Today I’m in Hout Bay for lunch, at Pescarne restaurant. And the sole reason for choosing this restaurant, is the oysters on their menu. I love me my oysters :)!

The findability

The map is very clear, but being so technologically handicapped as I am, I got horribly lost obviously. Do not trust Apple Maps, rather use google maps. But other than that it’s easy.

The location/ venue

It’s located on the main road but you can still appreciate some level of peace, no loud noises going past. Very easily accessible and good parking right in front of the restaurant. This restaurant should be in the harbour but unfortunately it’s not. A beautiful sea view would really just clinch the deal. The view I’m looking at right now, is of cars passing by and a big brick building that is depressing to say the least.

The drinks

My first question always; do you do cocktails and the answer; and they do. Watermelon martini sounds very appetizing, so that’s where I start my lunch. Followed by a nice Pongracs sparkling wine with my food, a bit on a pricey side of life than I would like but I’m letting this slide.

The food

The menu looks perfect! If someone could get a brief to create the best menu for my taste and palate, this would be it to the tee. On their everyday menu with oysters and sushi, to the restaurant week chicken livers, springbok carpaccio. The food was so good, I had to do a double take, and sought second opinion. So I went back again next day, with my husband and sister-in-law.


Before I dig into the starter on the set menu, I try out a few oysters: mignonette sauce oyster, oyster martini. The mignonette sauce oyster just melts in my mouth, mmmmh :)! On day 2, I had to have the mignonette sauce oyster again, then grilled chili & garlic and the Thai barbecue with ginger, garlic, soy, brown sugar, coriander and breadcrumbs. While my sister-in-law  tried the ‘bloody Mary oyster’ as well.  Simply breath-taking, I now feel all warm and fuzzy inside :)!

Trinchado chicken livers
Trinchado chicken livers


Springbok carpaccio
Springbok carpaccio
Roasted veg salad
Roasted veg salad


Options for starters are; trinchado chicken livers, springbok carpaccio and a roasted veg salad.

I tried all of these and was disappointed by none. Presentation was good, the livers are perfectly cooked with just the right balance of the heat. The springbok carpaccio so fresh and velvety.

Mains; Portuguese steak, mixed paella and mountain of prawns on basmati with cream lemon butter sauce. On my first lunch I had the paella and it was better than my paella I made a few weeks ago.  Delicious fragrant basmati with well cooked fish, all the pieces and all beautifully! But that sauce, was just to die for. Best paella I’ve ever had! No jokes.

When I went back for round two, the next day, I had the mountain of prawns. And just when I thought food couldn’t get better here, it did. This dish made me tear up, it was that good. It tantalized every taste bud in my mouth and I’m pretty sure at one point they starting singing amazing grace :)! I don’t often get emotional but this took me to that place. I felt all the flavours I stand for, this dish delivered to the 10th power.

Mixed paella
Mixed paella
Mountain of prawns
Mountain of prawns
Portuguese steak with peri peri sauce and egg
Portuguese steak with peri peri sauce and egg








Best food of the week. Best food of the year, actually.

The service

First day did not have a lot of patrons, so I had 3 people waiting on me. But the following day, with a lot more people, the staff looked overwhelmed. We waited a while after we were seated, for the menus and to be offered drinks. The oysters took a bit long to be served but the set starters and mains were prompt.

The owner of the restaurant is directly involved in the running around and the serving, which I personally appreciate but couldn’t help but feel he should be overseeing and delegating and not doing the nitty gritty himself, his manager can do that.

The waitrons could up the energy levels as well. They just looked tired.

The Overall experience/ Ambience

Good, this was a very pleasant experience and it caught me completely by surprise. There’s a good energy about the place.



The findability = 8/10

The location/ venue = 6/10

The drinks = 8/10

The food = Starters = 10/10.  Mains = 10/10

The service = 7/10

The Overall experience/ Ambience = 9/10

TOTAL SCORES = 55/70.   Average = 8,3/10


Restaurant week over and what a jolly good time I had. I will definitely go back to Oyo and Pescarne. Thanks to all the restaurants for their hospitality and especially the waitrons, I can appreciate how stressful your jobs can be with minimal appreciation. It was appreciated by me :).



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