Re-experiencing life with a Thai green curry

Look how young I look!
Phuket, Thailand 2012. Look how young I look!

Every New Year’s Day I’ve always made New Years resolutions; to try improve myself, push more boundaries, exercise more, be a better this or a better that etc. At the beginning of this year, one of my new year resolutions was to be more open minded. There had been a lot of things I had done or tried but because I wasn’t open minded about the experience, the experience ended up falling short. And a lot of times because that’s what I expected, for the experience to be unpleasant.

I’ve already proven this correct with Basmati rice. I used to even despise the smell of it but a few months ago I gave it the benefit of the doubt and now I love it!

Thai food, is one of the experiences I was never open minded about. I had looked at Thai food and thought it’s not for me. I’ve tried Thai cuisine in South Africa and briefly in Thailand.

I know people always go on and on about Thai food and especially Thai curry. So in accordance to my new year’s resolution, I will give it another try.

But mostly because I really love their country and I have so many pleasant memories from there. My husband took me there for our 1st year anniversary since we didn’t have much of a honeymoon, between moving and starting a new job. And It was amazing! We were in Phuket for 10 days and spent a day in Bangkok. We did all the touristy things; riding the elephants, markets, island tours including the Bond Island where they shot the movie ‘Goldfinger’, the Cabaret with the lady boys, etc.

But everywhere I go, I enjoy experiencing the normal folks’ everyday life. I want to shop where they shop, buy what they buy, eat and drink what they drink. In Thailand we scootered around for places without tourists and that’s where we experienced real Thailand, and it was lovely.

There was also a certain level of freedom it afforded.  The ability to go to a convenience store and walk out with a beer, drink it strolling down the street, got me. And I loved scootering everywhere. My husband is convinced he wants us to move there.

So tonight I’m making a Thai green curry, inspired by my travels through Phuket, Thailand.

This recipe is adapted from the kit, by Blue Elephant Royal Thai Cuisine.

Thai green curry
Thai green curry

What do I need?

  • I got a meal kit from Woolies with: 35 g of green curry paste, dried Thai spices, 60g Coconut cream powder or 60 ml coconut cream, 60 ml fish sauce.

  • Duck cubes

  • Chopped baby corn/ normal corn if you prefer

  • 50g of Asparagus heads

  • 1 tbs of brown sugar















What to do?

Start cooking the rice in salted water. Strain when cooked.

Heat 1 tbs of olive oil in a pot, add curry paste and roast until you can smell the beautiful aromas.

Lower the heat to 5 on a normal electric stove,  and add coconut cream powder with 500ml of boiling water. Bring to the boil.

Then add duck cubes, the asparagus heads, dried spices, fish sauce and 1 tbs of brown sugar.

imageSimmer in low heat, until the duck is cooked. This should be about 15 min. Then top with slices of asparagus for a bit of crunch. Season with salt to taste, and dust with 1 tsp of cornflour for the thickness of the sauce.

And voila it’s done! In 20 minutes.

Thai green curry
Thai green curry


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  1. This was awesome my baby. Having the leftovers for lunch now, and as is usual for curry, it tastes better the next day : – ))


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