Rouge on Rose anniversary night stay.

So last weekend was our anniversary, celebrating 3 years of being married to the same person😜!

My dear husband organized the whole day, as a surprise. And he’s not very good at surprises, he gets so excited and always ends up telling me what the surprise is, which makes it not a surprise anymore. This time I wouldn’t let him, I enjoy surprises!

Quite honestly, he’s pretty much covered the whole spectrum as far as anniversary planning is concerned. When he’s good, he is very good and when he’s bad, he’s really terrible. Let me paint you the picture: for our first year anniversary he took me to Thailand. And it was so romantic, perfect and the best holiday. I was even looking forward to how he’s going to top that for our second.

What happened with the second? Dinner with his parents for our anniversary! Obviously I wasn’t impressed, but no one saw anything wrong with that picture. And it wasn’t even like let’s go to the best restaurant in town to celebrate. It was in an Italian restaurant that I had voiced my dislike of, many times before, but the in-laws like it and so did my dear husband. I was stuck eating food I did not enjoy, thinking he’s not getting any tonight that’s for sure! So from the great first to the floppy second. The third could be anywhere but I don’t think it could be worse.

Anyway, as it turns out he did very well. I was lavished, pampered, well fed and all my chakras balanced.

It started off with me getting a message at work, with directions of where I’m supposed to go. The place was easy enough to find. Situated in Bokaap on Rose street, which is pretty much in the Cape Town CBD. The place was called  Rouge on Rosé, a small boutique hotel run by mother and son.

I must confess though, that a snob in me was a bit unsure about the location. Yes, the CBD is nice but this residential area doesn’t really scream lavish and let’s celebrate our anniversary here! But open mind, right.

That man in the green house stayed there the whole morning, directly opposite our big hotel windows. So I had to make sure I was decent at all times, a bit creepy!

View from the room
View from the room

As I walk in, the inside looks completely unexpected, beautiful, well designed decor. Did I mention valet parking? Yep! Anyway I’m led upstairs into our room where my lovely husband is waiting for me. I open the door to stunning aromas of a bubble bath and salts. And he gives me a big kiss as he pours me a glass of my favorite sparkling wine, which turned out to be complements of the hotel as a gift for our special day. And now it feels like an anniversary! Let’s just say, he was very rewarded for his efforts and the rest is history. He did well!

So the review of the hotel: beautiful, simple design and decor. The boutique hotel itself looks small but  every little space is purposefully utilized and the rooms are very spacious and I fell in love with their bath tub. Such sheer elegance. My husband enjoyed the shower, good pressure and no splashing of water everywhere, which you usually see with open plan showers like these.

Big comfortable bed with crispy white linen as I like it.

Beautiful bathroom
Beautiful bathroom


Good quality furniture, this matters to me. And breakfast is served downstairs in the small dining room. The kitchen  outdid themselves with breakfast. A basic brekkie was transformed into a work of art, a plate a canvas for the chefs art. Pretty food!

Omelet with crispy bacon and toast
Omelet with crispy bacon and toast
French toast with seasonal fruits
French toast with seasonal fruits

Overall experience was very good: good service, good food, great rooms!

But this is a new, up and coming hotel and the prices are in the same ball park as established hotels. Which we obviously know and trust.

I thought the prices were very ambitious, because at the end of the day if you are given the choice between this hotel and the one you know, you’ll go to the one you know.

If also they had a better view, they would get closer to 10/10 from me. So it’ll have to be an 8/10.

Highly recommended if you find yourself in the Cape Town CBD needing a place to stay.

Author: preciousgarnett

I'm a multi-faceted young woman. I'm a proud mom to a now 8 year old 😜. I'm a daughter, I'm a sister and a friend to an amazing circle of powerful people ❤️ I'm a medical doctor, public health specialist currently in marketing I live food, from cooking to finding the best spots in town and in my travels for a good meal. Health, Fitness and Nutrition fanatic. I live by a few beliefs...: 1. Before I do anything whether related to food or not, I ask myself ' Is it worth the calories?' Whether literally or figuratively( i.e. Is the decision worth the stress, effort, investment) 2. What you put in must come out! If you don't let it out, it settles on your tummy and hips. 3. 'Everything happens for a reason'. I try reflect on situations I find myself in, whether by choice or not. And look for Lessons I'm meant to learn from them, in order to grow.

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