Surprise anniversary dinner @ Bhukara

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I absolutely loved the room, especially the bathroom! But Mr is not off the hook yet, the biggest pressure is still on. Where is he taking me for dinner? He knows how much of a fanatic I am about food, and one of my philosophies is: if I can make it better, why am I paying for it? This makes it extra difficult to take me out to dinner. Now, not only must he take me out to dinner and I must enjoy it, it also must be a surprise. Hence he couldn’t ask me where I’d like to eat!

And well, well, well. Another pleasant surprise: Bhukhara! Most people I know dub this place the best Indian food restaurant in Cape Town, the best, and there’s so many! I’ve never dined here before but I’m really looking forward to it now. It is located just off long street in the Cape Town CBD, corner of long street and short market street.

Beautiful deem lights,  ambience warm inside, quite a big restaurant with the decor simple but yet elegant. We get seated at our table and look at the menu, and I’m instantly in love:). I want to try everything on it. Very difficult decisions to be made now.
The fact that it’s such a big menu, is not helping either. There are 10-15 different tandoori options, an equally large number of curries from vindaloo to rogan josh. Of course breyani’s as well, like any good Indian place will have.

But did I mention the different rice and bread preparations, these  would almost make up the whole menu of their own! Basically everything I love about spicy food is here! I feel like a kid in the candy store 🙂 !

I settle on lamb rogan josh with saffron and butter basmati rice, yummy! While my husband goes for a chicken vindaloo with a plain nan bread. The plan is to share, tuck into a bit of everything and I can’t wait to tuck in. Looking the most forward to the saffron butter rice. I love saffron and its such a delicate and not easy to find spice in South Africa, never mind the fact that it’s probably one of the most expensive spices as well.

The verdict: delicious, scrumptious, delightful, I can’t think of enough adjectives to describe the food. I think this could possibly be the best Indian food I’ve ever had, every element is delicious and goes so well together. It feels like architecture, where every little corner is there to serve a bigger purpose, I love it 🙂 .

My tender lamb with the vindaloo sauce from the chicken goes down so smoothly. But that rice, was a deal maker for me. My husband even says he’s never seen me eat this much, but I can’t put my fork down :)!

Lamb rogan josh


Chicken vindaloo
Chicken vindaloo
Saffron butter basmati rice
Saffron butter basmati rice
Anniversary dinner served



















Service was excellent, but our waiter came across a bit too arrogant. Even towards other waiters. He didn’t know a whole lot about Indian food, when asked about the different preparation methods they had on the menu. He was condescending as well with his ignorance and arrogance. Not a good combination, very poor and not impressed.

But other than him, it was perfect! Good ambience, great menu and best food! I’m definitely coming back. I even asked for the second portion of the saffron rice to take home, that good!

If it wasn’t for the waiter, they would easily get a 10/10 from me but unfortunately he is part of a bigger picture, so it’ll have to be a 9/10. Which is still impressive by my standards. Highly recommended, once again.

A happy wife
A happy wife

As for the husband, 10/10! Successful 3rd year anniversary! He’s definitely getting better at surprises. Looking forward to the 4th :).

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