Restaurant review: Baxters, Langebaan. What an experience! 😊

Langebaan: Baxters Restsurant

Ok here we go again, Day 2 in Langebaan up  the west coast of the Western Cape. About 120km from Cape Town. Aim is to spend a weekend away from reality and de-stress.
Day has been cold but lovely.

Our problem with winter is; it’s too cold to do anything outdoors but we also don’t want to spend our whole weekends away indoors and not experiencing the beauty of the little towns we visit. So we end up in shopping malls by default. A mall and holiday mood don’t mix. We always end up spending ridiculous amounts of money on utter nonsense.
On day 2 in Langebaan, I walked out of Weskus mall with lots of unnecessary stuff I don’t need, including a cup cake maker! I don’t make cup cakes, I’m not very fond of eating them and don’t even bake; period. But the rationale at the time was, Matisse can learn to enjoy the kitchen with me in a fun way. Based on a believable picture of a 5 year old on the box, of course😔.

Anyways, now it’s time for dinner and it’s my choice of restaurant tonight. Hubby’s choice, Driftwoods😒, was such a disaster last night. It really is impossible to get any worse.
Like I always do, I do my research: ‘trip-advisor’ing obviously. I search first for the most reviewed restaurants in Langebaan, then the highest rated, then the menu. If you feel strongly about a place, you review it. And we have narrowed it down to 3 restaurants: Friday Island restaurant, Farmhouse hotel restaurant and Baxters restaurant.

But Friday Island looks better for lunch in the day time, sea views and all.
We’ve stayed at the farmhouse hotel before and the restaurant is fine dining with a warm fireplace and panoramic views of the lake.
I try to make reservations for the hotel restaurant as my first choice, but it’s fully booked! 😣😭. Plan B: Baxters Restaurant. I phone, make reservations, and dinner is booked.

On our way to dinner, we get horribly lost. This is a small town with one main road, a few houses and it really is very difficult to get lost, but we did. GPS took us to someone’s house and told us we are here. Obviously we weren’t there!😣

But thanks to a car guard, we found the place. In a complex of businesses, not very well signed, and definitely not where the address says it is.

But as we walk in, we are welcomed by warm scrumptious smells and it feels all worth it instantly. A waiter sits us at our table. The place is small with 7-8 tables, elegantly decorated with simple black wooded tables and chairs with good cushioning. Surrounded by windows draped with velvet rose red drapes. As we sit we look directly at the open plan kitchen, habitated by the chef/owner Robert and his Sous chef.

I’m glad I brought out my 12 year old Cabernet Sauvignon/ Merlot blend collectable tonight, by first impression alone I think I made a good choice: restaurant and wine.
Peter, our waiter, admires my red wine, telling me about how he personally enjoys this specific blend but has only tried the much younger versions.


The menu: on the black board. No prints. It shows confidence, out of the box thinking and, hopefully, cooking. Apparently it changes as fresh produce availability changes, all locally sourced. He aims to cater for the Langebaan local, as he says everything in this small town is tourist oriented and its the same old same old at ridiculous prices. He doesn’t even advertise.

On tripadvisor the reviewers were going on about amazing lamb rack. So I was a bit disappointed it wasn’t on the menu. But quite perplexed by the lamb rump on the menu. Lamb rump? Not beef but lamb. I’m curious now and the chef, himself, tells us this cut is usually attached to the lamb leg but they are serving it as what it is.
I was still torn between the lamb rump, pan seared salmon and steak&kidney pie. But I really can’t resist the lamb rump!😍

The chef/owner Robert comes over and him and my 3 year old son become instant friends. He even takes him to the kitchen, puts on a little apron and he sits on the counter and watches our food being cooked. He especially enjoys the flambé of mommy’s lamb with brandy, so excited about the flames. Why am I not the one invited to the kitchen? Envious…

imageimageAlso on the menu, starters; chicken satay which my son had and was so tender and moist. My husband had beef fillet medallions with chips; cooked to perfection.
But the highlight was definitely my lamb rump. I was left dumbfounded with every part of my body tingling in foodorgasm. One of the best lamb dishes I’ve ever tasted, if not the best. And it went so well with my red wine.

imageimageimageimageimageAfter the experience we’ve had, we had to put the desserts to the test. I had a creme brûlée; delicate and creamy deliciousness and such a generous portion too! And my husband had a sherry trifle, but unfortunately he didn’t enjoy it as much as I enjoyed my dessert. He found it rather uneventful. My son even scored a free dessert, vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce, much to mommy’s protest. A reward for almost finishing his food and repeating the chef’s mantra: ‘Ireland has the best rugby team in the world’.😃


Overall Rating = 9/10

  1. Affordability = 8/10
  2. Food = 9.5/10
  3. Ambience = 9/10
  4. Child friendliness = 6/10.  As much as the chef made such an effort with my son, it still wasn’t very child friendly. With no kiddies menu or anything on the menu catering for children, no form of entertainment or space for children.
  5. Service = 10/10

Amazing food, good ambience, and the best service I’ve ever had in a restaurant. It was beyond just having dinner out, it was an experience and a memorable one at that. I left Baxters restaurant feeling so happy.😊😍

Author: preciousgarnett

I'm a multi-faceted young woman. I'm a proud mom to a now 8 year old 😜. I'm a daughter, I'm a sister and a friend to an amazing circle of powerful people ❤️ I'm a medical doctor, public health specialist currently in marketing I live food, from cooking to finding the best spots in town and in my travels for a good meal. Health, Fitness and Nutrition fanatic. I live by a few beliefs...: 1. Before I do anything whether related to food or not, I ask myself ' Is it worth the calories?' Whether literally or figuratively( i.e. Is the decision worth the stress, effort, investment) 2. What you put in must come out! If you don't let it out, it settles on your tummy and hips. 3. 'Everything happens for a reason'. I try reflect on situations I find myself in, whether by choice or not. And look for Lessons I'm meant to learn from them, in order to grow.

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