Egg Stir-fry with my family’s version of Surf & Turf

Norwegian Salmon/ Porter Pork steak served with veg and egg salad.

This is Surf or Turf, with my husband’s aversion to fish and my absolute love for fish. I’ve learnt to balance and cater for both of us. Yes, it does mean more cooking, more pots but more fun too!

But best thing is that my son is in the middle, he enjoys both, at least.

Anyone who knows me knows about my obsession with salmon. It truly makes my world go round!🌞🌞 I would live a very happy life on 3 things that actually do not even pair up together. Norwegian Salmon, Fresh Oysters and long grain Rice!
I was actually talking to my husband the other day and sharing how there’s nothing as painful of an experience than eating overcooked salmon. OR even worse; hearing someone at a rrestaurant send the fish back to the kitchen claiming its undercooked!
It’s just one of those fish if you can’t eat raw, don’t even bother ordering them. It needs to be as minimally cooked as possible to be properly enjoyed, only a little sear or bake.

It’s also one of those expensive fish as well, so the closer to the source the most cost-effective. You’ll find it cheaper raw obviously, and at fish shops or food markets than supermarket. And once I’ve bought mine, I stretch it as far as possible. Cut into portions for different meals on different days before defrosting.
And my husband and son don’t get to eat it, because they just don’t appreciate it so to save money, I buy them a fish they’ll enjoy. Which usually turns out cheaper 😜
Tonight I’m making seared salmon with veg and egg salad. Pork steak for husband and son.
Meal under 15 minute.

What do you need?
Porter pork steak
Stir fry ( green beans, baby corn , carrots)
3 Eggs

half a fresh grapefruit.

imageWhat to do?
Start with the pork steak as it’ll need to rest after pan searing.
Dry rub the steak with salt, pepper and paprika. Pan sear in a drizzle of olive oil, 3 minutes on either side( for medium rare to medium steak because it’s pork, to try kill all bacteria). After 6 minutes. Take off the pan, cover and rest.

Boil the 3 eggs, to hard boiled and this depends on the size of your eggs. Slice them when cooked.

While the eggs are cooking, on to the veggies. In a frying pan with a drizzle of basil infused olive oil, add the veggies. Seasoning with a pinch of salt & pepper. When starting to brown, drizzle 25ml of semi-sweet white wine and let this cook for 4 minutes. Then switch off the stove.

imageIn a separate pan on the stove, while the veggies are cooking, do the salmon, after generously seasoning with salt & pepper and a sprinkle of aromat 🙈. Sear the salmon in olive oil skin side down first for 2 minutes, making sure it crisps up. Then 30 sec on the other side. After the 30 sec, squeeze half a grape fruit into the pan. Season with salt & pepper again to taste. After the second 30 sec, take off the heat.

And viola. All done!
All in under 15 minutes.

The porter pork steak:


And the Beautiful salmon:

Then my husband complains that the photography is taking longer than the cooking!😒

Author: preciousgarnett

I'm a multi-faceted young woman. I'm a proud mom to a now 8 year old 😜. I'm a daughter, I'm a sister and a friend to an amazing circle of powerful people ❤️ I'm a medical doctor, public health specialist currently in marketing I live food, from cooking to finding the best spots in town and in my travels for a good meal. Health, Fitness and Nutrition fanatic. I live by a few beliefs...: 1. Before I do anything whether related to food or not, I ask myself ' Is it worth the calories?' Whether literally or figuratively( i.e. Is the decision worth the stress, effort, investment) 2. What you put in must come out! If you don't let it out, it settles on your tummy and hips. 3. 'Everything happens for a reason'. I try reflect on situations I find myself in, whether by choice or not. And look for Lessons I'm meant to learn from them, in order to grow.

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